Welcome To Le Delicio Foods

At Le Delicio Foods, we manufacture and source various superfoods and exotic Ingredients to fulfill our client’s needs. We grew from a need for a high-quality superfood blend that was affordable and accessible to all, and this continues to be a priority for us. Our products are made with extensive care and we import products only if their quality meets the industry standard.

With deteriorating air quality in our country and increased use of fertilisers and pesticides in food production, the need of the hour is to make healthier food and lifestyle choices. For many suffering from diabetes, obesity and various other diseases, the right time to make these choices was years ago. We believe there is still hope of making a healthier tomorrow. This motivates us to focus on offering healthy food alternatives of the highest quality at reasonable and affordable prices.

The team at Le Delicio Foods works dedicatedly to fulfill our promises to our clients in the shortest time frame using cost effective methods and makes sure that our services resonate with our clients demand.

Increasing the supply of superfoods and exotic ingredients, Le Delicio Foods is a supplier of a highly nutritious superfood ingredient like black garlic in India.

We offer you a full array of bulk raw black garlic in both single clove and multi cloves. Being the manufacturers of this foreign superfood, Le Delicio Foods aims to bring black garlic and many more other rare superfoods in India. This is what keeps us striving for more and bringing the healthiest options to you. Our team has the vision to serve these exotics all over India and our mission is to expand its use globally.

The superfoods we deliver are surely ‘super’ with the taste and benefits they provide. Special in their own way, try these magic ingredient and see some healthy changes in your body.